Our Core Values

Generally people tend to regard orphans and those children passing out of orphanages value either as unfortunate or in a condescending manner. While such children do need sympathetic action and support, however the attitude or lack of resources in many orphanages leads to a negative impression on the child’s development.

Shalom academy hence is committed to giving prominence to the following core values and that enhances the positive attributes of a child’s upbringing by using the family module of caring for these children;

  • Instilling personal values and direction such as Responsibility, Discipline, Work ethics, Family values and Honesty /trust/ integrity
  • Ensuring sense of self-worth, belonging, self-esteem, confidence, encouragement and love by being part of a family.
  • Providing all basic amenities such as Food, Housing, Medical care, Recreation & Sports to a high standard
  • Giving access to a high quality of Education, after school curriculum and direction to a fulfilling career
  • Developing skills in Sports, Public/Social and Creative Arts
  • Special guidance for spiritual and personal developments
  • Family module generates friendships and close sibling ties, which will also give them a sense of stability in life.

The above focus would ensure that the following negative elements which they suffer from would be abolished;

  • Feeling of separation from immediate families and siblings, which induces deficiency in love, support, visitations of siblings and homesickness
  • Lack of food, clothing, shelter, attention, guidance, sufficient education, skill development due to minimal resources
  • Lack of freedom, independence
  • Excessive punishment and abusive punishment due to unconcerned guardians
  • Unnecessary work demands, too few hours of leisure, harsh work environment