Our Standards

The organisation has been built with the following principles as its guiding light.

Unconditional Loving

It is no surprise that happy children are able to accomplish more. Hence by providing the Academy Children a family, a friend and a faith, that they get to benefit from the love and guidance that comes from family members. This nurtures long lasting relationships that would support them to overcome difficult/emotional/stressful events in life.

Unequivocal Learning

We are committed to instil disciplined values and functional literacy in children to ensure that they turn out to be model citizens and great leaders of future India. Children are brought up with emphasis on honesty, being responsible, and hard working.  The operation of the organisation also would reflect these values by having a highly dedicated team with superior work ethics and activities that are transparent and auditable.

Unbiased Living

We believe that every child born in this world has the right to a decent living and a standard of life. We believe that it’s the conviction one holds in their own heart that gives them the right attitude to succeed in life. Hence we believe that if given the right direction and environment, every child would be able to meet their living potential.