Frequently Asked Questions

Currently Shalom Academy accepts only boys. From June 2009 onwards girls will be accommodated.

Can we suggest a child who is in need of a home? What are the conditions and the process to apply for the Intake? Yes, provided the Academy admission criteria are met. Please send the details in writing or calling or emailing us.

  What are the legal aspects of the child's admission? Each admission would be legally cleared by the legal advisor along with the consent of the child's local guardian.

  1. Is this an orphanage or a School?
    Why it is called as an Academy? Socially there is a negative association to the word orphanage, and when someone says he/she had stayed/studied in an orphanage, serves they are looked down as poor, unfortunate, helpless, sometimes underprivileged which also affects the child psychologically. Hence we have decided to call it as an ACADEMY which stands for a place that raises and nurtures successful individuals. We have instructed everyone who is entering the facilities will address our children with respect and dignity. No mention of orphans or orphanage is allowed.
  2. Will this Academy accept boys and girls?
  3. Who manages this organisation?
    Founded and presided by Mrs. & Mr. Stalin Michael, family members and friends. Operation on-site led by: Friends with prior experience in working in charitable organizations like these who are committed to our Vision and objectives. Governed by : Board Of Directors who are a group of like minded friends who are professionals, business owners and NRIs well acquainted with community needs.
  4. Where does help come from?
    Currently we are not funded by any foreign organisation, by God's grace our friends' and family members' sacrifices are timely and marvelous.
  5. Will the students' intake be based on Religion or Region?
    No. We have not denied any application based on religion or region.
  6. Why does the cost per child is too high compare to other orphanages?
  7. The objective is to ensure that the children in this academy have access to appropriate level of resources that would give them the same kind of competitive advantage our own children have. If your parents had not invested so much in your life, do you think you would have come up to your position today? 
  8. Why do you have to spend a lot on few children, while you can support more children?
    There are many orphanages who are meeting the needs of more children with less resources. Shalom Academy is dedicated to limit the intake of students based on committed resources. The more resources we have, the more will be the number of children trained. We believe that by ensuring a higher basic standard of resource per child, the impact on change per life at a time would be greater than attempting mass intake which might leave them with the emotional stigma of having an underprivileged upbringing.
  9. How can I support this organization?

    Support can be in any form: Please read the 'Get Involved' link for more information. Operational guidance, spiritual support through prayers or sponsorships. Please feel free to contact us even if it is to let us know your opinions.

    We have several opportunities for your kind of passion to help children. The following cost estimate excludes infrastructure, administrative and capital investment.

    Annually, on an average we spent 60,000 rupees (USD 1200) per child. Our total average cost per year for the entire operations Monthly, on an average Shalom Academy Trichy center costs us 60,000 rupees. You can sponsor a project Or contribute any amount as one time or many times.

  10. Is this organization a Society or a Trust?
    And where is it registered? It is registered as a Society in Trichy (Tamilnadu, India).
  11. How far has the operation progressed?

    As of Dec 2007: We have 3 children in the academy and atleast five more children are ready to join in the beginning of school year.  As of August 1, 2007: The Academy was officialy started. More details can be found in the news and events. 

    As of July '07: Children rooms are furnished. Two children have joined on July 26, 2007. Inauguration is scheduled on August 1, 2007.  As of June '07: Sent letters to various organisations and met with few of the reputed Home for the children to in partnership with them.  As of May '07: The building is structurally complete to cater to the needs of the children. The final furnishings are about to start. We have started receiving applications for potential candidates. Decisions will be made after May 2007 As of May 08: We have accepted several applications but we have short-listed few applications and the total number of children are seven. As of May '09: Eight more children will be joining from various cities and backgrounds. On Sept 11, 2009: Home for children, Eluru center in Andra Pradesh is started. Mr. Samson is fully coordinating the effort. In April 2013, all the children have been moved to Bishop Heber Facilities in Trichy.
  12. Can we give suggestions for the operation of the Academy?
    Yes, the academy looks forward to positive inputs that would help in maintaining the core objective.
  13. Do all staff stay within the premises?
    No, only essential personnel would stay within the premises.
  14. How do you propose to instil family values?
    By creating family units. A certain number of children would be cared for by a 'Foster Mother' (eg: one 'Mother' for 5 children), and the children would address all staff of the home using family relational titles rather than official titles. This would promote family bonding and sibling support.
  15. How long does the candidate get to stay in the Academy?
    Physically they get to stay till they move out on job/higher studies/marriage etc. Emotionally they get to stay as long as they want. Our goal is to see them successful in the area of their choice (or BOD) and choose the path of married life. We will be their family, friend and support forever; it is a great responsibility undertaken with the prayer that every soul who enters the Academy will be a successful individual in multiple aspects of life.
  16. During their higher studies are they considered to be part of Academy's students? Yes
  17. What are some of the conditions that limit the intake of children? 
    Currently the Academy does not have the resources to cater to children that require continuous Special Medical Attention. Note: In the future perhaps academy hopes to be in a position to cater to children who are physically challenged or have other special and medical needs . 
  18. What is the intake age limit?
    Between 3 and 9 years. If the child is above this limit, please contact the academy for special consideration.