Special Programs for children

Mobile Library: Shalom Academy has about 1000s of books imported from USA to be accessible to children of India. Our mobile library can go to places where physical library cannot go.

Children Competition Events - English, Mathematics, Science and General Knowledge. In May of 2010 Shalom Academy staff is planning to have chess competition in Trichy town.

Educational Loans: Loans for exceptional students for their higher education whose parents who can't afford to pay their fees

Village Tuition Center: Please refer to the VERTU project above.  

How to adopt a Project?

  1. Step 1: Select from any of the projects below
    • Home for Boys - Boys Center for parentless
    • Home for Girls - Girls Center for parentless children  
    • Home for Boys - Boys Center for bond labored children
    • Home for Girls - Girls Center for bond labored children 
    • VERTU - Village Education Rendered Through
    • Voice and Vision - A project to support hearing and vision challenged graduates
  2. Step 2: Please contact us with your personal vision 
  3. Step 3: We will setup up the initial expenses
  4. Step 4: We will send you the details of the center, its services and its facilities
  5. Step 5: Finally suggest, share and approve   

What is your role! 

So the above projects are waiting for you to be part of it. Get involved and fulfill your life's dream.  

For more details please contact us! Email:ShalomAcademyUSA@Gmail.com

  1. We allow you to name the center of your choice for convenience in remembrance of your family member(s). (Your children's name, your name, your spouse's name, you parents' name or any name you want the change). 
  2. We send you reports regularly.
  3. You may also request for a special report upon specific enquiry or questions or feedback. 
  4. You may take your family and stay with them for couple of days or couple of weeks. 
  5. You may recommend new children (Shalom Academy management will do the background check); every effort of yours we will make it a reality for the children who cannot help themselves. Let us strive passionately to see the lives changed.