The Voice and Vision Project

Description: Of the 1.2 billion people in India, it is estimated that 60 million are deaf and mute children. Many organizations are willing to provide education for these children, but very few are willing to provide employment. The problem is what will these children do after their higher secondary, diploma or undergraduate education? If they stay at home, they become a burden to their family. Even if hired by an employer, their daily wage is only Rs. 6-10, a third of the regular salary. While some employers pity these children, apathy is predominant in most. To cater to the needs of such young people, we plan to open a Training/Small-Scale Business Center for Hearing and Speaking Impaired Youth at Thiruverumbur (near BHEL, Trichy).

One of our friends, a parent of two children with hearing and speaking impairments, is dedicated to serving such children. She shared her vision, offering such ideas as conducting sewing classes, rubber stamp creation, computer typewriting, photocopying, lamination, binding, wedding- and business-card design.